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"The Journey"

A short film showing off the amazing Hill Route.

Also known as the Alpine Route, this track is the perfect location for beautiful driving shots, with lots of sweeping bends and breathtaking scenery.

Hard Centre: the original publicity film for Millbrook Proving Ground

Filmed in the very early 1970's, this film shows Millbrook at the forefront of vehicle engineering: the same position we are in today

Technology has moved on, the barren tracks have matured and importantly Millbrook has gained over 40 years of experience.

Inside Out

A selection of the footage from the BBC Inside Out program that was Broadcast on the 22nd February 2008.

Presenter David Whiteley spent some time at the proving ground gaining an insight into some of the activities carried out on site, and talks to some of the people that make Millbrook a true CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE.

5th Gear (Channel 5)

A short clip giving a flavour of the types of shoots that frequent users 5th Gear perform on site.

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